My experience and professional advice will ensure that your ceremony will be the finest and elegant in its style and presentation. Marriage ceremony itself will take approximately 25 – 40 minutes including the signing of the Marriage Certificates.

The marriage ceremony itself is the jewel in the wedding day’s crown. One of the most powerful and unforgettable moments of the ceremony is when you stand facing your partner whilst declaring your shared love and commitment in the marriage vows.

I will:

  • Provide you with advice and guidance on how to create the ceremony which suits you best

  • Address all your inquiries or concerns either in a face-to-face meeting or by phone or email

  • Travel to the wedding location of your choice

  • Provide a PA system if needed to ensure that the ceremony is clearly audible

  • Play the music of your choice via a PA system before and after the ceremony

The structure of the wedding ceremony may vary depending on your wishes, however, there are some Compulsory and Optional parts.

Compulsory parts are:

  • ‘Monitum’ (extract) from the Marriage Act, explaining the nature of the marriage relationship

  • Vows (words from the Marriage Act)

  • Pronouncement of the couple as Husband and Wife (or Husband and Husband; Wife and Wife)

  • Signing of the Marriage Certificates

Optional parts can assist in making the ceremony more meaningful and in engaging the audience.

Optional parts:

  • Giving away of the Bride

  • Couple’s personal story

  • The Asking (‘I do’)

  • Wedding traditions & rituals from many cultures. I will provide samples during my meeting with the couple

  • Jewish wedding rituals (Chuppah, Hakafot, Kiddush, etc.) to create the atmosphere of a Jewish wedding, especially for the interfaith couples with Jewish/Non-Jewish backgrounds

  • Personal, self-composed Vows

  • Exchange of the wedding rings

  • Readings and poetry (samples in English and Russian)

I offer three Wedding Packages with very reasonable and competitive fees to suit everyone’s budget. Please review ‘Fees and Services’.

Other Services

Milestone Celebrations

They are an opportunity to celebrate a significant moment in a person’s life, such as birthdays (18th, 21st and so on), wedding anniversary milestones of ‘40’, ‘50’,’60’ years, etc., or something completely different and original such as Dogs’/Cats’/Pets’ birthday parties or Weddings. You just need to think outside the square!


Renewal of Vows

I will offer you my guidance and advice in order to create a beautiful ceremony to renew the vows you have previously made. It is a wonderful way to mark a milestone in the couple’s relationship, especially a wedding anniversary.


Commitment Ceremonies

This ceremony could be a substitute for an engagement party or a public proclamation of love which is shared by two people who do not wish to get married. The ceremony can involve family members and friends.



It is a very difficult and emotional time when you lose someone close to you. It could be a challenge to put your thoughts and feelings into words. I have the training and experience to assist you in expressing how unique and special your loved one was. I have performed Farewell services at the Springvale Botanical Cemetery, the Fawkner Memorial Park and at the White Lady Funeral homes.

I will design the structure of the Farewell service and write the scenario after consulting with the family members and the staff at the funeral home. The Eulogy and the memorial service can be performed in Russian, English or in both languages. I use my professionalism and experience to ensure that the life of your loved one would be remembered and celebrated.