Do I need to be an Australian citizen to marry in Australia?

  • No, anyone can marry in Australia regardless of legal status and nationality. However, sometimes the presence of consular or diplomatic officer is required.

How long do I need to be in Australia to be able to marry?

  • There are no time limits for a stay in Australia to be able to marry. However, you need to ensure that NOIM is given to a Marriage Celebrant within the right time frame, i.e. at least one month before to the wedding date.

What documentation overseas tourists or visitors require?

  • If born outside Australia, you need to provide original birth certificate or overseas passport. If you’ve been married before, then evidence of marriage dissolution, i.e. Divorce or Death certificates.

Will my country recognized Marriage solemnize in Australia?

  • Yes, most countries recognize marriages taken place in Australia. However, it is a good idea to check with the consular or diplomatic officer of your country.

I am from overseas and would like to marry my Australian partner. Is that enough to be able to live in Australia?

  • No, your marriage does not guarantee your immigration to Australia. I recommend you speak to Immigration Department directly or seek an advice from Immigration agent.

Can we write our own vows or a wedding scenario?

  • Yes, you can do that, no problem. I belief that self-written Vows is a unique gift to your partner. However, there are some legal requirements which must be met. I will explain them to you at the arranged meeting.

Is the Marriage Certificate we get on the day of wedding sufficient as a proof of marriage?

  • Yes, that marriage certificate is sufficient document as a proof of marriage. In case you need to deal with Immigration Department, you need to obtain an Official Certificate of Marriage from BDM Registry.

We do not want any guests at the wedding, just only two of us… Can we do that?

  • Yes, you can do that. However, you still need two witnesses of at least 18 years of age or older to be present at the ceremony.

How do we arrange a meeting with you?

  • It is simple, just press the button ‘Contact Mila’ (below) and call or send an email to me. I would be

    happy to assist you using my experience in dealing with people from overseas who wish to marry in