The marriage ceremony itself is the jewel in the crown of your wedding day. I really enjoy designing wedding ceremonies and will ensure that your ceremony is the finest and elegant in its style and presentation. Marriage ceremony itself will take approximately 25 – 40 minutes, including the signing of certificates.

The structure of the wedding ceremony may vary, depending on the couple’s wishes, however there always be the Compulsory and Optional parts.

Compulsory parts are:

  • ‘Monitum’ (extract) from the Marriage Act

  • Marriage Vows

  • Pronouncement of the couple as Husband and Wife (or Husband/Husband, Wife/Wife)

  • Signing of Marriage Certificates

Optional parts could assist to make the ceremony more meaningful and engage the audience. Below is the list of the options to consider:

  • Wedding traditions & rituals from many cultures

  • Jewish wedding rituals to create the atmosphere of Jewish wedding, especially for the interfaith couples.

  • Personal, self-composed Vows

  • Readings and poetry

I will:

  • Provide an advice and design the ceremony that suits you best

  • Address all your inquiries or concerns.

  • Travel to wedding locations of your choice

  • Provide PA system (on request)

  • Play music of your choice (on request)

A civil wedding ceremony gives you the freedom to choose your favourite location, which could be a park, beachside, beautiful reception or your home.

My home in Clarinda with the beautifully decorated and spacious garden is also available as a Wedding Venue for up to 15 guests.


I offer comprehensive Wedding Packages which tailored to couples wishes and suit to everyone’s budget. Please Review and choose the one which is the best for you.

Exclusive Wedding Package

The ‘Exclusive’ Wedding Package is for a large-scale wedding with more than 40 guests

I will:

  • Handle all legal paperwork and present you with the Marriage Certificate

  • Travel to the location and venue of your choice

  • Provide a PA system

  • Play music of your choice (via a PA system)

  • Prepare an individual wedding scenario which is tailored to your wishes

  • Perform a bilingual wedding in English/Russian (on request)

  • Include the optional parts into wedding ceremony (rituals, poetry, readings) if required

  • Guide you and address all issues while preparing wedding scenario.

Premium Wedding Package

The ‘Premium’ Wedding Package is offered for a medium-scale wedding with 10 – 20 guests.

  • The features offered are in line with those in the ‘Exclusive’ Package, but they are adjusted to the smaller scale of the wedding. For example, you may not have a big bridal party and would not require a PA system, or you might not wish for music to be played.

  • I will still handle all legal paperwork; issue Marriage Certificates and lodge them with BDM Registry; create and perform your individual wedding ceremony in the language of your choice (English or English/Russian).

Intimate Wedding Package

The ‘Intimate’ Wedding Package is suitable for a small-scale wedding with up to 10 guests.

  • Suitable for all couples who wish to have an easy-going, no frills, small ceremony in front of their witnesses and close friends

  • In addition to the handling of all legal paperwork and issuing of a Marriage Certificates, any feature from the ‘Exclusive’ or ‘Premium’ Wedding packages can be discussed and included.

My fee is affordable, reasonable and in line with the ones offered by BDM Registry. The fee range depending on the Package you chose. Fee is also negotiable and a discount of 10-20% could be offered to students, pensioners and couples with low income.

Depending on the location of the wedding, there could be an additional travel cost where the two-way distance between my house and the wedding venue is greater than 50km.

 I will be happy to discuss and provide you with a fixed fee for my services.